Event Sponsorship & Donations

Whitetooth Brewing loves to get involved.

We think that community outreach, philanthropy, and charity are an intrinsic part of what we do.

We look to support charities and community development projects, as well as supporting music and the arts.

There are so many great causes out there that we cannot participate in all of them. Sometimes we have to regretfully decline.

To assist us in making our choices, we ask that you read the guidelines before submitting your sponsorship request.

FIRST THINGS FIRST! We will automatically decline all sponsorship requests for the following:

  • Children & Youth Groups: Sponsoring kid/youth organizations is effectively marketing to minors (under 19 years old) and contrary to the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Act.    
  • Motor-sports groups: Beer and driving are not compatible.
  • Teams & Athletes: Due to the number of requests and the huge talent pool we’d have to choose from, we normally do not sponsor intramural or amateur sports teams, golf outings/tournaments, individual athletes, musicians and bands.
  • Free Beer(!): We can’t just give away beer under British Columbia law.  Our hands are tied.  

Five other things that we consider when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities:

  1. Timing. It takes time to brew our beer and organize its delivery.  Requests must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the event or date the donation is needed.  We will give preference to requests further out, especially for larger events.
  2. Cash: We typically do not offer cash donations or sponsorships.  We usually only approve requests for in-kind donation or sponsorship. If your event requires an entree or vendor fee or sponsorship dollars to be given up front, we will decline your request.
  3. Branding. It’s important that your event allows us to showcase what we are all about. Whitetooth “Beer” needs to be present. We require brewery presence at any sponsored events.  We avoid sponsorships that are simply logo placements.  
  4. Participation. We prefer to be hands-on and on-premise with events, serving our beer. Whitetooth staff prefer to participate in our philanthropic efforts, not just sit by the sidelines. 
  5. Location. We can only consider events located in Columbia Valley and the Kootenays at this time.S

If your proposal meets our guidelines Please complete the form below

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