• Kegs must be picked up and returned during tasting room business hours (2pm-10pm).

    • $100 fee for kegs dropped off outside of tasting room business hours.

  • All equipment (kegs, pumps and buckets) must be returned within 5 days.

    • Late returns will result in loss of deposit.. If you need to keep the kegs for longer than 5 days you need to request it. We're usually flexible but we really need to know which kegs are staying out in the universe and for how long.

  • Deposits are refunded when undamaged kegs pumps and tubs are returned.

    • Customer is responsible for the replacement value of any WTB keg, pump or tub  that is irreparably damaged or lost.

  • Deposits can only be returned on the same credit card as the initial purchase was made with.

    • Please note: the same credit card that you pay for the deposits with must come in when you return the kegs in order for us to complete the deposit refund. We cannot do manual refunds.

  • No cash deposits.

  • All beer sales are final. Refunds will not be issued for leftover beer or unopened kegs.

  • The keg shell remains the property of WTB at all times.

  • We recommend storing empty keg shells securely until returned to WTB.

  • Never tamper with, mishandle, abuse or alter a keg.

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Bronco Pumps are $20 +tax to rent + a $50 refundable deposit for each pump.
Fill it up with ice to keep your keg cold. $10.00 rental + taxes (12%) + $10.00 refundable deposit.
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